Bird Watching Tower in Haapajärvi

Haapajärvi is classified internationally as a valuable bird lake, surrounded by forests and fields. The spring migration brings many waterfowl, waders, gulls, and terns. In July and August, the area is teeming with moulting waterfowl and their young. The tower is an open, one-platform tower, about 5 metres high.

Driving instructions: From Lappeenranta centre, take the road to Viipuri and Vainikkala (390), and drive for about 20km to the outskirts of Haapajärvi village. From there, turn right at the sign to “Lintutorni” to the Kemppiläntie road, drive for 600 metres and turn left, following the sign to “Lintutorni”. In about 800 metres, there’s a small parking area and a lean-to.

Kemppiläntie 55
FI-54270 Lappeenranta