Bird Watching Towers in Konnunsuo

In Konnunsuo, on a wide open field, there are two bird watching towers, 500 metres apart. One of the main migration routes for birds migrating via South-East Finland stops at Konnunsuo fields. In spring, you can see whoopers and tundra swans, various species of mallards, waders, geese, and cranes. From August to October, sparrow hawks, goshawks, hen harriers, western marsh harriers, and rough-legged buzzards are flying above the fields, preying. Konnunsuo is also on the route of sea eagles and golden eagles on their autumn migration. The best seasons for watching birds are from April to June, and from August to October.

The first tower is an open, one-platform tower that is 4 metres tall. The other is a two-platform open tower, 8 metres high.

Driving directions: From main road 6, turn east to Joutseno, road 393. Drive past the Joutseno population centre. After 9.1km, turn right at the sign “Konnunsuo 3”. Drive for 2km, and you can see the first tower by the field next to the road. The other, Koivumutka tower, is 500 metres away, on the left side of the road.

Konnunsuontie 226
FI-54190 Lappeenranta