Kalliojärvi Round-Trip Trail 4km

Kalliojärvi Round-Trip Trail 4km

The Kalliojärvi round-trip trail in Pyhäselkä goes around Suuri Kalliojärvi, on the bottom of a ravine. The route has forest trails, duckboards, uphill ad downhill and steep cliffs without safety rails. You’ll need to be careful with children also on the campfire site, where the shoreline quickly drops to the lake.

The route descends from a road to a young pine forest. In about 200m, the trail branches into two. To the left, there’s the path to the lean-to: ”0.4 laavu”. The right branch will circle about 3km on the other side of the lake, and then comes to the same lean-to. Taking this branch is recommended. That way you’ll see the rugged lakeside cliffs and lean-to in the very end of the route.

From a pine heath, the trail goes down to a narrow marsh, adjacent to lake Kalliojärvi. There are duckboards for crossing.

From the marsh, you’ll ascend to an old spruce forest. The trail will run among spruces by the lake. Where the lake ends, there’s another swamp and a stream, crossed by a bridge. From there, the trail follows the lakeside in the direction where you came from.

Just before the lean-to, there is a great cliff rising right from the lakeside. It will still border the lake when you leave the lean-to.

On top of the cliff, there are many smaller trails, where you can choose your favourite. The lean-to is right next to the steep cliff. From the lean-to, it’s 400m to the crossing of the trails, mentioned above. From there, the trail goes back to the parking area.

Further info: www.pyhaselka.fi

Hiking guide in Finnish: Pohjois-Karjalan vaellusreittiopas, Edita 2004

Driving instructions: From main road 6, turn east 13km south from Joensuu, the sign says ”Kumpu”. Continue for 8km, where the road takes a sharp turn to the left. Continue straight forward, following the sign to the Suorannantie road. Drive for 3km. Then, there’s a sign to Kalliojärventie road. After 1.4km, there’s a sign saying ”Kalliojärvenpolku”. You can leave your car on the side of the road near the signpost.