Koverojärvi Primaeval Forest Trail 2.5km

The Nature Trail winds its way in a primaeval forest, partly on lichen-covered cliffs, partly in lush mixed forest. Differences in altitude are significant. The route visits a pond and then goes up a cliff. There’s a lean-to on the Kalliolampi cliff. If you need water, you need to fetch it from the pond below.

The Koverojärvi trail is one of the few old forest trails in North Karelia. The Kalliolampi cliff has a lean-to, a campfire site, tables, a latrine, and a woodshed. After leaving the lean-to, the trail follows the waterside of the pond, where beavers live. Marshy springs keep the trail somewhat wet.

The route ends on a forest road. It’s best to return back on the same trail. The route back by road is long, and not marked. The nature by the trail is interesting enough to be seen again, from the opposite angle.

The area is owned by foresty company Stora-Enso.

If you wish to combine the short hike with a swim, on your way back you can use the Valkealampi beach, where lake Koveronjärvi begins. The beach is near the Sikre village, and it’s close to the Orthodox camping site. The Sikre village association maintains the changing cabins, the jetty, the covered campfire site and the woodshed.

Further info: www.eno.fi

Hiking guide in Finnish: Pohjois-Karjalan vaellusreittiopas, Edita 2004

Driving directions: On the Ilomantsi – Eno road (514), follow the sign to Sikrenvaara (Sikrenvaara ort. leirikeskus). The camping centre is less than one kilometre away, and there’s a junction just before it. There, take a left turn to the Koverojärventie road. Follow the “Luonnonhoitometsä” signs for about 6km past Pitkälampi pond and lake Koverojärvi. After having passed the lake, there’s a sign to the right to the forest, “Luonnonhoitometsä”. Continue for about one kilometre. There’s a turning point, and the signs pointing to the trail will start there.