Mikkolanniemi – Uukuniemi about 30km

Mikkolanniemi – Uukuniemi about 30km

The south end of the route is at Mikkolanniemi Activity Centre, east shore of lake Rautjärvi, and it ends at Papinniemi Camping Area, by Pyhäjärvi, in Uukuniemi church village.

From Mikkolanniemi, the hiking route continues as “Mikkiksen tarinapolku” trail. First, there’s a Lapp hut, and at the other end of the trail at Virtsalampi pond, there’s a lean-to close to the road, where the actual route runs.

From here on, the route runs on gravel and forest roads in an undulating and pretty terrain. The roads get more narrow, when the route turns north at Lonkalampi, and funs between lake Ylä-Kuorejärvi and the Imakkeenlampi pond. Midway, theres a Lapp hut in Raitaluoso by the Perälampi pond.

Then, the route crosses the road from Niukkala to Uukuniemi, and goes round the Koirasuo swamp. There’s a short stage on a road, and then the route diverts to the Ice Age Trail, “Jääkausipolku”. The route follows this trail and comes back to the road near Uukuniemi church, and ends at lovely sandy beach of Papinniemi, on lake Pyhäjärvi.

Papinniemi has a historical Orthodox graveyard, “kirkkokallio”. It’s a site for archaeological excavation. There’s also a summer camping site in Papinniemi.

The Ice Age Trail “Jääkausipolku” starts by the Uukuniemi Youth Association House (Uukuniemen nuorisoseurantalo), on Uukuniementie road. The route has round-trip trails of 9 and 12km. They are marked in orange. There’s a lean-to for taking a break and staying overnight on a cape in Paakalampi pond, on the west shore, and a Veljesmaja cabin close to the road. Ask the Papinniemi Camping Area for booking the cabin.

The main attractions on the route are a large kettle called Huttumalja, near Paakalampi pond, and a vantage point at Voilahti, by lake Pyhäjärvi. The Jääkausipolku trail is also a nature trail; there are info boards around the Paakalampi pond.

Further info: www.parikkala.fi, www.mikkolanniemi.fi

Driving instructions: Mikkolanniemi Activity Centre is on the east side of main road 6, by road 4014. From main road 6, roads 4021 and 4040 go to Uukuniemi.