Näränkä Natural Forests

Level: (*) one bear

Näränkä Nature Forest in Kuusamo has pristine nature that is unique in Finland and the entire western Europe.

In addition to forests, the small bodies of water and swamps in the area are in their natural state, providing viable living conditions for many demanding species. The reserve area has four forest areas: Virmajoki, Romevaara, Pajupuro and Näränkä.

On a day-trip to Näränkä (round-trip trail), you can explore the subtle nature and get a glimpse of natural economy practiced in the past a restored farm in Näränkävaara.

The Area in a Nutshell

Kuusamo, North Ostrobothnia

Area: 137km2

Founded in 1996

Further info:

Driving Instructions:

Näränkä: Turn from road 8421 to east at Hyöteikönsuo junction. Drive for 11km to reach the parking area, where you can start the Näränkä day-trip trail. The distance to the wilderness farm is 4km. From the Suojärvi parking area, the distance to the wilderness farm is one kilometre. You can find Suojärvi by turning from road 8421 to the Korpivaarantie road and following the signs to Näränkä for 14km.

Pajupuronsuo area: The nearest parking area is on main road 5, 33km south of Kuusamo, next to the Predator Centre in Kero. It’s a 3 km hike from the parking area.

The Virmajoki area is at the easternmost corner of Kuusamo. You can find it by driving from Kuusamo via the Lämsänkylä road 866 to Tammela and Mattila, or via Pikkarainen to Latvajärvi.

Romevaara is close to Julman Ölkky’s ravine lake and the Ölkyn ähkäisy trail. The closest parking area is at the south end of Julma Ölkky.

Photo: Hannele Kyrö


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Oulanka Visitor Centre
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