Ruunaa Nature Reserve

Level (*) One bear

The Ruunaa Nature Reserve, right next to the Russian border, on the other side of the Ruunaa Hiking Area and the Lieksajoki river, is mainly untouched forest land. More than a half of the reserve is on the border zone, accessible only with the border guard’s permission.

The core of the reserve, behind lake Ruunaanjärvi on the Lieksanjoki river, is accessible by boat and canoe only, or by touring skis in winter. Once you make the effort of getting there, you’ll certainly be free of crowds. The area is perfect for seasoned hikers all year round.

Instructions for approaching the area by water can be found on this site on the page about the Lieksanjoki river canoeing route.

Through the western part of the Ruunaa Nature Reserve, next to the Ruunaa Hiking Area, there runs a 133 km hiking route from the Patvinsuo National Park to Teljo, on the border of Kuhmo. This stretch of the route can be reached easily by foot from the Ruunaa Hiking Area by first driving past the Ruunaa Outdoor Centre nearer to the Haapavitja Bridge. After crossing the bridge, the Karhunpolku trail follows the western shore of lake Ruunaanjärvi in the Nature Reserve, making it available also by foot.

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