Sallatunturi Fell Area

Level: (* *) two bears

The Sallatunturi Area, south of the Salla village, on both sides of Via Karelia (950), has many types of nature reserves, encompassing open string bogs, old forests, and fells. There are also many magnificent nature destinations outside of the protected areas: wilderness hills, large mires and lush river banks. The area has many tourism entrepreneurs, marked hiking trails, and skiing trails in winter. The state-owned area is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland. Service structures on privately owned lands are maintained by the municipality of Salla, and ski trails are maintained by Sallan Latupooli Association.

There are several trail options for day-trips during summer and winter visits. If you’re planning a longer trek, you can follow the UKK Hiking Trail, which crosses through the area

The Area in a Nutshell

Salla East Lapland

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Driving Instructions: The most popular starting points in the Sallatunturi Area are by Via Karelia (950), at Sallatunturi Ski Centre, about 10km south of Salla village, and the Kaunisharju parking area, some 4km further south. There are many other parking areas in the area. You can find more information by visiting the above site.

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