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The Valtavaara Nature Reserve is located north-east of the Rukatunturi fell. One of the highest in Kuusamo, the hill is a bounty for nature lovers. The area has great views, hardy fell side plants, rare birds, and magical snow-covered spruces in winter.

Valtavaara is perfect for hiking both in summer and winter. Karhunkierros, a well-known long hiking trail runs via Valtavaara, but there is a round-trip trail in the area, suitable for day-trips. It will take you to see lovely landscapes and the marvellous world of birds. The north corner of the area has a specific trail for observing birds, Lintupolku.

In winter, there are many maintained skiing trails.

Hiking services:

Many entrepreneurs in Oulanka offer guided trips to the nature of Valtavaara. In Ruka, shopping centre Kumpare has Ruka Info Service, and you can also find current information in e-service Patikkapaikka.

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The Area in a Nutshell

Kuusamo, North Ostrobothnia

Area: 8.1km2

Founded in 1991

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Driving instructions:

The starting point to the Valtavaara day-trip trail is in the parking area of Ruka central square. If you need to reach the Konttainen parking area at the north end of the area, drive main road 5, north of Ruka, and take a turn to east to Virkkula village (8694). Drive for about 3.5km to Konttainen parking area. Nearby, you can find the bird watching trail Lintupolku.