10 Golden Rules for Using Bird Watching Towers

1. You are a guest on a bird nesting area. Respect their peace.

2. Birds are aware of you and will get used to you little by little. If you stay quiet and still, you'll be able to see much more. Silence also appreciates the winged inhabitants, and other users of the tower.

3. If you're there not only for the view but for the birds, it may be pointless to go up without a set of binoculars. If you have a telescope, you'll be able to see even more.


4. It's a good idea to bring a bird guide book to help identify the birds. Tagging along with an experienced bird watcher, knowing birds and their song, is even better.


5. Avoid sudden movements in the tower while others are observing the birds. Moving around will make the oldest towers shake a bit and makes it difficult to focus on a set of binoculars or a telescope.


6. By telling the other users about the birds or other wildlife you've spotted will double the joy.


7. Visiting the tower can be rewarding under many conditions. The view will change between seasons, days and times of day. Sometimes the best observations are made in the night or even when it rains.


8. Make a note in the guest book, if any, for others to enjoy your observations. Even a small note is a sign of users in the tower and will promote protection of birds.


9. Do not leave trash around or up in the tower. If you can carry it there, you can surely take it back with you, too.


10. Make sure to park so that your car does not block the road for other users. Remember the everyman's rights and their limitations.