War Museums

The war museums on Via Karelia are a good way to learn more about the WW II events, if you are intriqued by the many war memorials en route. Anyone interested in military history should go and visit them. Each museum has its own take on the events.


War Museums on map

List of War Museums

Paloaukea Museum

Paloaukea Museum opened in June 2007 at the former arms depot of the Ylämylly garrison, in Liperi, maintained by a local association – Paloaukean Ajoneuvo- ja Asemuseo ry. The museum...
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Joensuu Bunker Museum

Joensuu Bunker Museum is Marjala district, some 7 km from the city centre toward Kuopio. There's a sign guiding to the museum at the Marjala interchange. The museum exhibits the...
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Möhkö Ironworks Museum, exhibition on military history

Whereas the main theme of the Ironworks Museum is to demonstrate processing of limonite into iron, its exhibition "Möhkö in War" showcases the stages of the Winter War and the...
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Combatant’s House in Hattuvaara

The House offers restaurant services and an exhibition on military history. Artefacts are exhibited indoors, and outside there are artillery guns, a dugout and an opportunity to watch a short...
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The Raate Frontier Guard Museum

The frontier guard post has been used by soldiers under the reign of three different domains. It served first as a frontier guard for Finns, then for the Russians in...
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