Municipalities and Regions of Via Karelia

Regions of Via Karelia

South Karelia

South Karelia, between Lake Saimaa and the Russian frontier, is a part of old, historical Karelia. There are many outdoor activities for tourists: hiking, boating and canoeing routes. There are two towns in the region: Lappeenranta with rich history, and Imatra, famous for its turbulent rapids.

North Karelia

The region is the easternmost corner of the European union. Proximity to Russia shows as strong presence of the Orthodox faith. North Karelian nature consists of wilderness, lakes and a multitude of camping and fishing areas.


Lovely views and clean nature are typical of the region. Marshy lands, forest covered hills and the vast water system of the Oulujoki river are attractions worth seeing in the sparsely populated, unique region.

North Ostrobothnia

The eastern parts of North Ostrobothnia are often referred to as the North-Eastern Land, Koillismaa. Its fells, hills, river gorges and clear lakes make up an impressive combination of natural features. Known for the heaviest snowfall in Finland, the region is also famous for the 80 km long Karhunkierros hiking route and ski resort Ruka.


The beautiful region has magnificent fells, wild forests, river valleys, and lakes with sandy shores. In winter, you can admire the beauty of Arctic nature, and if you're lucky, you may see the Northern Lights. In midsummer, the sun doesn't set at all.

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