Ilomantsi is known for its happy people, as well as its location as the easternmost continental municipality in Finland and in the EU. Ilomantsi has many sites of military history, and our national epic Kalevala comes alive here. The Orthodox faith is very prominent in Ilomantsi. The region is known for wilderness, apex predators and Karelian culture.

The local coat of arms has three 5-string kantele instruments as a tribute to the many singers of folklore in the frontier municipality.

Hospitality, folklore, kantele music and traditional dishes are important parts of the rich Karelian heritage. Ilomantsi has the largest wooden Orthodox church in Finland. Many memorials mark the battle sites of the Second World War.


Ilomantsi, a lovely place to be.


Soihtulantie 7
FI-82900 Ilomantsi

+358 40 104 3008