War Museums

The war museums on Via Karelia are a good way to learn more about the WW II events, if you are intriqued by the many war memorials en route. Anyone interested in military history should go and visit them. Each museum has its own take on the events.


War Museums on map

List of War Museums

Cavalry Museum

In the Cavalry Museum you can experience the fire of the fierce Hackapelites and succumb to the charm of the red-panted dragoons The exhibition opening in the summer of 2019,...
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Salpa Line Museum in Miehikkälä

Founded in 1987, the museum grounds display the history of fortification works of "Suomen Salpa", the Salpa Line. The location was originally a part of the Salpa Line, and operated...
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Kollaa Museum

Founded in 1983, the museum is located in the infirmary space of a former reserve garrison in Rautjärvi. One of the famous battle grounds of the Winter War, the Kollaa...
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Kuhmo Winter War Museum

The Winter War Museum, owned by the town of Kuhmo, illustrates the local events of the Winter War with artefacts, photographs, miniatures and sound effects. The exhibition also demonstrates the...
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Winter War Museum Raatteen Portti

The museum is located at the junction of Via Karelia and Raate Road. The shape of the building mimics an anti-tank obstacle, damaged by explosives. The museum was first opened...
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Virolahti Bunker Museum

Some 20 kilometres from Hamina toward Virojoki, by national road 7, there's a bunker museum founded by the Virolahti municipality and the local war veterans' associations in 1980. The governing...
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