Level: (*) one bear

Kieverrysjärvet is a recreational area in southern part of Kuhmo close to Via Karelia and where the Russian border reaches it’s most western spot. This is a perfect destination for a day-trip. An easily passable trail travels around six lakes and ponds: Porojärvi, Syrjälampi, Valkealampi, Syvälampi, Hukkalampi ja Juolunka, and through almost untouched ridges and forests.

The area has one of the old-growth forest reserves, with a trail that is about five kilometres long. The trail runs through lichen-covered grounds.

You can come across bears, bean geese and whooper swans, see hollow nests of black woodpeckers and some dignified dead trees, grand old pines called “aihki” and vast streches of white, cloud-like lichen, Cladonia stellaris.

You can find a campingfire site on the trail, and there’s a lean-to at Juolungansalmi. You can also paddle around the area in a circle.

Kieverrysjärvet in a Nutshell

Kuhmo, Kainuu

Area: 7.1km2

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