Nurmes Mujejarvi

Mujejärvi Hiking Area

Level (* *) Two bears

The Mujejärvi area in Nurmes is perfect for hikers after some peace and quiet. The area is close to Peurajärvi Recreational Area, but on the eastern side of road 75. Nature, however, is different from that surrounding lake Peurajärvi. On the western side, you can find the rugged ravine of Uuronrotko. The scenery is characterised by cliffs, ridges and lakes.

The lakes are relatively small and dark. The largest of them are lake Mujejärvi and lake Tetrijärvi. They can be admired from several angles.

The area is circled by many round-trip trails around the lakes, but only one of them runs through he Uuronrotko ravine.

The area has four parking areas, several lean-tos, a camping area, a wilderness hut, and a cabin to rent. There are three wells for the benefit of hikers.

Mujejärvi in a Nutshell

Nurmes, North Karelia

Area: 20km2

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Driving instructions:

The Nurmes – Kuhmo road (75) has signs to all parking areas in Mujejärvi.

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