Pittää syyvvä, että jaksaa. Yksi karjalaisuuden tärkeimpiä piirteitä on, että syödään hyvin. Pohjois-Karjala projektin ansiosta ruoasta on tullut kevyempää ja terveellisempää. Makuja osataan yhdistellä ja siksipä tarjoammekin sinulle kaksi eri vaihtoehtoa ruokailupaikaksi. Ravintola Kielo sijaitsee korttelin verran museolta kohti luterilaista kirkkoa. Kielossa ruoka valmistetaan perinteitä kunnioittaen, mutta se tuodaan nykyaikaan leikkimielisyydellä ja yllätyksellisyydellä. Ruokailu täällä…
Café Majurska, in the historical Lappeenranta Fortress, is one of the most famous cafés in town. The Café is known for its historical style and peaceful atmosphere.
A cozy restaurant near the Lappeenranta port, located in and old storeroom “makasiini”, is a combination of modern and olden times. On the fresh menu there are local treats and classic delicacies. Well suited for families. Ask for local specialties. Friendly and fast service. The space is perfect for private gatherings. The restaurant has a…
Restaurant Kielo offers honest and clean flavours from fresh seasonal ingredients. Finnish food, beautifully served.
Café Kauppaneuvos is decorated in romantic country style. Here you can try home-made baked goods and Karelian delicacies. A feast for eyes and taste buds in a relaxed, beautiful setting. Lovely space, fresh baked goods and a historical building will surely be a delight.
Kotileipomo Viipukka – a home-like bakery serves original rye bread and fresh baked goods
Lunch café Hurtan Holvi serves lovely Finnish home-made food. Lunch is offered daily, catering services can be booked. Hurtan Holvi is located in an old bank office, made from sturdy logs. Old structures are attractively on display.
Herkkusuu has fresh baked goods, pies and rieska bread, all available for take-out as well as eating in. Herkkusuu serves home-made lunch in a beautiful setting by lake Kiantajärvi. A specialty to Suomussalmi and Kainuu is the bark bread, made by adding ground phloem to the flour as an extender – an emergency food of…
Restaurant Juomuskota at Ollilan lomamajat resort is specialised in fish dishes. Many original features make the restaurant space a unique experience. Open for booking.
Rukan Salonki Chalets have a private restaurant, Kultala, with many Lapland’s specialties on the menu,such as reindeer, salmon and willow grouse. Open for booking.
Loma-Lopotti’s Wilderness Restaurant Huilinki serves Kuusamo’s local delicacies, such as fresh fish in many forms, traditional sautèed reindeer and baked goods. Nearly everything is made from local ingredients. Open for booking.
Hotel Punkaharju – delicious lunch and high-end À la carte menu in a beautiful 165-year-old building.
The Ruoke Holiday Village is located in a beautiful natural setting. The resorts has holiday cabins and a camping area. Opportunity for ice-fishing and trips to White Karelia, Viena.
Restaurant Trapesa serves seasonal dishes and baked goods in the monastery milieu. A delicious feast is served especially on weekends and in Easter.
Café Rantakivi is a fresh and relaxed cafe and restaurant located by the lovely lake Puruvesi. We prepare food from local ingredients: the Puruvesi vendace and perch, vegetables from local gardens, and later in the summer, berries and mushroom from local forests. Café Rantakivi has a nice selection of café delicasies in a beautiful setting.
Restaurant Parppeinpirtti is near the Ilomantsi centre, in the poetry village of Parppeinvaara. It was named after Jaakko Parppei, a farmer and a folklore singer living in the area in the 19th century. Now Restaurant Parppeinpirtti offers a feast of modern Karelian food in a traditional Karelian setting. In addition to original Karelian pies, there…
A reindeer farm with a restaurant/bar set in a Lapp hut. Delicious reindeer dishes by order. Reindeer meat and products for sale.
The Tasala house is an original 50’s house that can be booked to serve traditional dishes of Lapland, with ingredients from nearby forests and lakes. They have a beautiful collection of Finnish Arabia porcelain ware. The house is by the Arctic Circle Hiking Trail.
Juhanantupa is a grand Karelian log house in the idyllic village of Hummovaara. The emblem of the house is a big old pine tree, under which Elias Lönnrot listened to Juhana Kainulainen sing Karelian poems. Juhanantupa has a modern Karelian feel. Open from summer to autumn. Hearty home-made food.
Utran Uittotupa serves North Karelian local food prepared by professional chefs. A unique setting by the Pielisjoki river.
Lohela is specialised in processing Finnish rainbow trout. Every day, we smoke-cure trout, seasoned with own very own, low-salt seasoning mix, in the mellow warmth of a soapstone stove in our premises. Our packing method keeps the fish warm for 4 hours, so it keeps nice and warm even if you have a longer way…
A historical setting in Ilosaari, Joensuu’s prime location. Kerubi is a unique place for enjoying good food and company. A great setting for relaxing, listening to music and meet people.
Maalaisleipomo Ilomäki is a country bakery that makes traditional Karelian pies. The milk used in the filling is from their own cows.
Restaurant Buttenhoff serves traditional dishes. You can find the restaurant near the Imatra rapids and Hotel Valtionhotelli, on the second floor at the end of the pedestrian centre. Try our seasonal treats, such as asparagus, fish soup and bliny pancakes. There’s a café downstairs.
Wolkoff offers traditional, local gourmet food in an atmospheric setting of a 160-year-old historical building.
The Winetower, owned by innovative local wine producers, serves coffee and wine in the old water tower of Ilomantsi. You can enjoy breathtaking views to Karelian forested hills, all the way to Russia. The Winetower serves all the products of Hermanni’s Winery, as well as coffee and snacks.
Originally a lunch canteen for Walter Ahlström Oy, this atmospheric restaurant serves lunch and Á la Carte dishes in a historical setting, right next to the paper mill in Varkaus.
Pohjolan Pirtti is in Vuotunki, some 34km east of the centre of Kuusamo. Open for booking.
Isokenkäisten Klubi is a family business serving tourists by Lake Heikinjärvi, only two kilometres from the Russian frontier zone. Open for booking.
Herranniemi has served as a guesthouse already in the start of the 19th century. In those times, people were travelling by horses of on foot. The quests were sleeping in the large room, and horses had their rest in the stables. Many kinds of travellers were met in Herranniemi. Today, Herranniemi still operates as a…
Café Houkutus – fresh baked goods and confectionery
Oivangin lomakartano is a family restaurant, hand-built from sturdy logs, honouring the food traditions of the past with a modern twist. Open for booking.
Studio Restaurant Tundra – a cozy space available for booking: a restaurant, cooking courses and a ceramics studio. Open for booking.
Arola Farm and Wilderness Holidays, traditional country dishes by order. Ingredients are from the farm and the nearby lakes. All bread is made in the Arola house and baked in the wood-heated oven. The house has 25 seats.
Café & Restaurant Kultainen Kukko offers local dishes and lunch in a cozy atmosphere. For larger festivities, the main building, Vanha Kurimo is available for booking.
Isäntärenki is a working farm, specialised in organic farming and sheep products. The lady of the house makes practical and artisan textiles from wool. Main attractions: traditional building, sheep, festive dishes on demand, high-quality woven products.
A modern hotel with a scenic view, Hotel Kalevala treats you with local ingredients. The menu has traditional dishes from home and away, all garnished with a local touch.