Parikkala – Mikkolanniemi 35km

Parikkala - Mikkolanniemi 35km

The route starts from the Parikkala railway station and ends at Mikkolanniemi Activity Centre, on the east side of Akonpohja in Saari and Lake Pieni Rautjärvi, by the road 4014.

The marked route is actually a cycling route, because it runs on roads.

The route runs via bird lake Siikalahti to Kaukola, and turns south to Kannas village, then to east, towards Tyrjä. The road follows the shoreline of lake Tyrjänjärvi – the eastern shore is on the Russian territory. You can see vast farming lands, sizable hills and historical landscapes.

The route enters the Saari church village, between lakes Rautjärvi. There’s an observation tower. The route continues to east, Honkakylä, where there’s a museum, exhibiting a shop in its 1930’s appearance. The route ends at Mikkolanniemi Activity Centre, maintained by the Mikkolanniemi village association, Mikkolanniemen kyläyhdistys ry. The Centre is a former school building. It can accommodate a large group of people, and there’s a smoke sauna. The Centre is open all year round.

Nearby Mikkolanniemi, there’s a trail called Mikkiksen tarinapolku. There are many route options, the longest of them 16km.

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Driving instructions: Main road 6 has signs to Parikkala centre. The railway station is by the main road. The Mikkolanniemi Activity Centre is on the east side of main road 6, on road 4014.

Mikkolanniemi Activity Centre

+358 50 321 57 45